Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good Enough

Open heart, selfless thoughts
endless efforts, it never stops.
Above and beyond the limits I go
yet I stand here alone with nothing to show.
What does a person have to do
to expose their true value and worth.
The more you share, the more you give
people you thought you knew only treat you worse.
Will I ever be good enough?
Time and time again I find myself drowning
in my sorrow of hopeless dreams and happy memories.
I look at my face and the tears keep falling
a broken heart that no one sees.

It is just a matter of time
until I no longer want to be me
I won't have or make time to care
The good in me will be gone completely

One day I will wake up
With the darkest heart anyone has ever experienced
My world will no longer crumble
and I won't feel pain because of this..

I can already feel my heart beating less.


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