Monday, April 14, 2014


One day you will find yourself with nothing. 
No one to care for you and love you the way a person should be loved.
You WILL, picture my face in your thoughts.
And you will feel NOTHING... but emptiness.
The powerful person you THOUGHT you were will begin to crumble.
And in the midst of all the flames burning your world, you WILL remember all you've done to me.

I gave everything to you!
I put you before myself when I should have ran like hell the moment I laid eyes on you.
For the longest time I thought YOU were broken, damaged, hurt by other people.
I thought you were misunderstood and misread but no.... I was a fool!
Every disgraceful thing anyone has ever told me about you is true to your persona.
This person I know you to be now would never in a million years be worth my dam time.
You lied about who you are from the beginning and you kept feeding me lies like I was worthless.
I believed it and showed you compassion like an imbecile. 
You have never made me a priority yet I still stand by your side.
Supporting you and wishing well for you in everything you do.
I have never received the same in return.
No more will I allow this degrading treatment. 
I am worth much, much more than what your selfish ass makes of me! 

I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and I don't even recognized myself.
I, am broken, damaged and hurt. I can see it in my face.
I am weak because of what you've done to me.
What I have sadly allowed you to do to me.
You have ruined me. 
Everything I was, what I've become, is ruined. Because of you.

I no longer care to wish well for you!
I will no longer waste my time on thoughts of you.
You are no longer everything to me.
You are nothing.
You are no one.
You are worthless....... 

You WILL remember me.
When you realize what you've lost you WILL feel sorrow.
When we meet again I WILL be happy...
Without you..

You will look at me and you will no longer see you.
For the first time, you will see me.
Not the people you place in front of me, but you will actually see ME. 
That day will be the happiest moment that I will forever remember.
That day, you will truly be...
B R O K E N 

I truly believe in karma. Everything I have been through because of this person has to have meaning.
I did not experience this for no reason. This person WILL fall and I WILL rise with happiness and prosperity. My heart could not have been wasted solely in this. There is more to my life than this pain, shame and disaster I have endured. I will one day understand why I had to go through this to become a better me tomorrow. One day......

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