Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ashes on the ground......

I can't help but feel sad sometimes
and morn the loss of what I almost had. (so close....)
I didn't give it all I had in me
To just have it all slip from my hands.
Maybe I made things too easy.
I didn't even put up a fight.
And although the odds were against us
In my heart it just felt right. (so right...)
If I could go back to change it all
And prevent these memories so vivid.
I wonder if I would do anything differently
Or willingly fall at your feet again and re-live it.
If your heart at one point claimed me
I wish you would have told me...
I would have held your hand and never let it go
Hugged you, kissed you, like no other did before.
Now all I have is a list of regrets
And hopes that won't be found
Stored away in this burning heart
(Will you ever save me?)
 Or are we ashes on the ground?.....

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