Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Promise To Myself

I have learned a lot about myself during these past few years. Mainly because I found myself in situations where there was nothing left of me but ME. If that makes any sense. When you take away the things that make time go by such as love, laughter, friends, family, money etc. All you have left is just you. During my times of struggle and challenge I realized my way to live still remained the same. There were times where I was so lost in my sorrows that I swore I would change my ways to make life easier. But, I always went back to being me each and every time. Some people tend to change who they are as an individual because of failures from their past. They avoid taking chances or risks towards new things because of fear of failure once again. I never want to live like that.We often forget that life is all about taking chances, and yes we might expose our selves to failure, but sometimes we have to lose in order to gain. My life has not been perfect and even though my mentality has changed in many ways, my heart still beats the same. Maybe even stronger.

Thus, I decided to make a promise to myself in hopes i never get lost again.

I will never permanently change myself because of temporary sorrows.
I will forever learn from my mistakes and continue to grow for tomorrow.
I will treat everyone with kindness even though they don't deserve it.
I will always open my heart even if the world has hurt me...

Even if I tried, and trust me I have, I can't change who I am.
Some people are just meant to be good even if it is in their best interest to be bad.
I end this post with a video from Jessie J- Who you are

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