Monday, October 15, 2012

Not So Different

I was intrigued by how words that should be filled with pain,
came from his lips so blissfully.
I listened, and couldn't help but notice something strange.
He suddenly seemed familiar, yet again, before I've never met him.
I've seen those eyes before, it didn't make any sense.
Eyes like his I would never forget.
So I listened... The way he spoke was all too familiar.
A story so sad shouldn't sound so simple.
I looked at his eyes again and stared.
I've seen those eyes before....
It all made sense from that very moment.
As if he had told his story a thousand times,
or maybe went over it a thousand times by himself.
It all just seemed too easy.
Almost as if he had practiced it.
More than I practiced myself.
See I've seen those eyes before,
the ones that hide away the pain.
They fool you for a moment
if you're too stupid to take notice.

And I didn't realize then, that the story he was sharing
would be the reason why I will later be defeated.
I didn't know then, that today my efforts would be meaningless.

But we are not so different him and I
Because I've seen those eyes before,
I've seen them in myself...

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