Monday, January 21, 2013

Checkmate ;)

He says I'm only a pawn in his game.. I say I'm the queen.
My position is steady, my abilities unseen
I like to stand real close, I shall protect my "king"
By my side he knows he's safe, he doesn't know my sting.

See, he thinks he has control, unaware of who I am
but soon this game will end and he then will understand.
I was never by your side. In fact I kept my d i s t a n c e
Your hand I was never holding, a field of pieces stand between us.
There's a reason why I know your eyes so well, they never left my sight.
To you I may seem quiet, but to me YOU have no fight.
A king can have as many pawns, a pair of nights and bishops too.
Rooks might make a difference, until the queen steps in and makes her move.

So let me clarify things for you, 
because you must have "us" misunderstood.
You are nothing without me, you have no right to pick or choose.

So here are the rules nice and simple, easy as can be.
You will move when I move, step when I step, you listen to ME!
You think you can outsmart me, how cute a thinking fool
Oh look the fool is dancing 
I'm coming straight for you.
You will always be worthless once you stand alone.
and you will only have yourself to blame
Your cheap crown is just too big to let you see....
The queen is the most valuable piece in the game.

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